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Dynamic Features

Multi-Host, Multi-Location Go Live

There is no longer a need for crisscrossing phone lines, multiple software tools and glitchy hardware. With BroadcastOS, the entire production is now managed from one dashboard.   

The Host and an unlimited number of in-studio and remote air talent personnel, music, and call-in listeners, can all participate in a live broadcast with near zero latency with a SHD lossless audio delivery from multiple locations simultaneously.

Multiple sources, from multiple locations, all mixed live into one output of superior quality audio.

Great for local radio, hub & spoke regional networks, and true national networks.


World Class Music Scheduling

Music scheduling is made simple with BroadcastOS ai automatically distributing song placement for maximum listener retention and time spent listening (TSL). Once the playlist is saved, all of the song files are downloaded directly into your local system from our Cloud Library in our lossless SHD audio format.

Our SHD file codec uses no compression, no unwanted noise, and provides only pure, clean, full range audio. Our audio files are smaller with a bigger sound and include a full list of meta data for display, tracking, and statistics.


Live Stream Tune-Out Detection

The BroadcastOS ai monitors stream activity and detects when a listener leaves the stream. Key data is collected including which song was playing at the time of departure. When a certain threshold of tune-out is reached the song in question is automatically removed from the active broadcast playlist. 

Surveying listeners and waiting (hoping?) for their feedback is no longer necessary in order for you to learn which songs they don’t like. Their listening behavior tells the real story in real time. Your playlist will automatically adjust so only the favorable songs continue to be played.

bad song

Real Time Request via Web Page 

Song requests are still popular but using a listener request phone line is a thing of the past. Now, you can provide your listeners with instant gratification versus keeping them on hold until someone at the station picks up to hear the request.

With BroadcastOS, you can create a list of songs you’ve already approved and post them in a special widget on your website homepage. From here, the listener can then select the song and click submit.

Based on the selections made by the listeners, the BroadcastOS ai will insert the song into a designated position in your active playlist or move it up the queue to play sooner. You can also have a voice track preset to play immediately prior to that cart position with a custom introduction to that song.

song request-500px-trans1

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