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The Future of Radio Automation

Control an Unlimited Number of
Radio Stations from One Location

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BroadcastOS is the future of broadcast radio automation

Our browser based software provides full control of the automation playout for an unlimited number of radio stations. 

Whether you are managing one radio station or a large group of stations, BroadcastOS provides an unparalleled level of control for you to oversee all aspects of each station’s broadcast. 

This is a true “hub & spoke” application with a long list of powerful features that outperform even the better known, more expensive playout systems.

It all starts with superior sound quality which is our first priority. All of the song files in our music library are maintained in our lossless studio quality SHD file format using our proprietary SyncHD codec. Each song file is smaller than a typical mp3 file and is packed with a full compliment of meta data. 


Distributed Computing is Better than the "Cloud"

What is it? Distributed computing is the method of making multiple computers work together to solve a common problem. It makes a computer network appear as a powerful single computer that provides large-scale resources to deal with complex challenges.

With the BroadcastOS platform, all essential programming assets are immediately downloaded to your local computer. This includes commercials, music files, voice tracks and any last minute changes. Here they remain, in queue, until called for by our locally installed playout automation. There is no need for concern about internet interruptions or prolonged outages. Run locally, manage everything from anywhere.



Cutting-Edge Automation with unmatched features and quality



Industry first centralized content control for a station group or format syndication



Syndicate your LIVE SHOW without the need for satellite or codecs!



Have multiple live hosts on air, all from different locations, with no equipment!

Red vintage retro radio receiver isolated on white.

NO MORE Cookie Cutter Formats

Cookie cutter logs and satellite formats are now obsolete. BroadcastOS uses patented technology with easy-to-use tools that allow you to quickly create your own playlists.

You manage the music and you make the rotation decisions. Our dynamic, object-oriented scheduling makes your job easy.

With our dynamic features, you can voice track into a dynamic log, and deliver those tracks to you entire radio group, or a select few, while each station runs a slightly different flavor of the format. You DON’T need expensive music scheduling applications and multiple databases to accomplish having the perfect format you want in every market.

Self Aware Paradigm-Shifting Technology

Imagine creating content that can schedule itself in real time without the need for human intervention. Our cutting edge, patented technology makes your content unique, current, and available beyond the broadcast with multi-platform distribution capabilities including social media and OTT support.

Say “goodbye” to technical difficulties and downtime. The BroadcastOS infrastructure provides round-the-clock support and we integrate with most brands of hardware and software. Our intuitive user interface simplifies the entire process from start to finish.  

BroadcastOS improves your sound quality, streamlines your workflow, enhances your programming capabilities, it’s powerful enough to run an entire radio network and, affordable for even the smallest, hardest working radio station owner! 

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